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Limited Edition LIVING DEAD t-shirt

Schmuck: "There's Nothing To Say"
My webcomic collaboration with Seth Kushner of Hangdai Studios
Read it in the comics section

Limited Edition LIVING DEAD t-shirt

Latest Gig Poster: Danzig (w/Doyle)!
Gigposter collaboration with Iron Forge Press
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Primates Everywhere on Act-I-vate

Shirt of the Living Dead
Read about my new project and order HERE

Primates Everywhere on Act-I-vate

"Primates Everywhere" on!
Killer Monkeys, Monkey Killers, Escape from LA!
Read about my new installment for the online series "Everywhere"

Audionaut Requiem for cats split with Audio Electri and Elegua records

Audionaut "Requiem for Cats" CD Release
am proud to announce the release of my cd with my long time friend and collaborator David Font and his label ELEGUA RECORDS.
Check it out here

poster sale!

Posters & T-SHIRTS for Sale!
John Waters "This Filthy World", Odd Future, Skrillex, Deftones, Danzig and more
Discounts on posters, many of which are no longer available anywhere else.
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